Frequently Asked Questions about Treetops Community Forest

Where is the Treetops Community Forest property?

The TCF property is located adjacent to Parry Sound Public School on Beatty Street.  


How will Treetops Community Forest be used?

Community members can use the property and the Fynn Trail like they would use any other park in Parry Sound and local students will use the property during the school day with their classes for outdoor education purposes. 

Who will own the property after the purchase?

The Town of Parry Sound will own the property and it will become Treetops Community Forest.  It will remain a naturalized park with a simple loop trail.

How much money needs to be raised for completion of the Treetops Community Forest project?

$200,000 is the fundraising goal. This will be enough to purchase the property and build a simple half kilometer loop trail named in memory of Fynn Bywater.  

Is the Treetops Community Forest only for children to use?

Anyone is welcome to use and enjoy the TCF. It will be a public park.

Will Treetops Community Forest be open to the public all the time?

TCF will follow the same hours as other local parks in the Parry Sound area.

Will students of Parry Sound Public School be on the Treetops Community Forest at recess?

No, unless supervised by a school staff as part of an activity through the school.

Will the students of Parry Sound Public School be on the Treetops Community Forest during class time?

An existing joint use agreement between the Town of Parry Sound and the Near North District School Board will allow students to use the TCF when supervised by a school employee.

What connections to the Ontario Curriculum can be made with having Treetops Community Forest adjacent to Parry Sound Public School?

There are extensive ways to connect education with nature such as: play based learning, bird count, art inspiration, active living, species classification and the mental health benefits of being in a forest which are all deeply tied to the Ontario Curriculum.

Who will take care of the Treetops Community Forest?

Many local groups and clubs have committed to help maintain and care for TCF in collaboration with PSPS students during their class visits.  

Will motorized vehicles be allowed on Treetops Community Forest?

No, the impact of such vehicles on a trail and relatively small space such as TCF would be unsustainable. 

If I make a donation to the Fynn Bywater Outdoor Explorer’s Fund will all the money go to the Treetops Community Forest project?

Yes, the Fynn Bywater Outdoor Explorer’s Fund was created with the TCF in mind.

Where did the name Treetops Community Forest come from?

During the early stages of this project a group of volunteer community members came together and brainstormed names for the property.  An online survey open to anyone who has expressed an interest in the project was used to choose the name Treetops Community forest.

Will the Treetops Community Forest have any paved playground or structured play equipment?

No, it will remain a wooded naturalized space.

When can children and community members start using the Treetops Community Forest?

Before TCF can be used it must be purchased.  Fundraising initiatives are well on their way!  When the property is purchased and the trail is developed the TCF can be enjoyed by all. 

How can donations be made?

Donations for the Treetops Community Forest Reserve Fund can be dropped off at the Town of Parry Sound office and can be made online through the website www.treetopscommunityforest.com

Who can donate?

Anyone! Please see our website www.treetopscommunityforest.com for information on our Business Sponsorship Program.

Are charitable donation receipts issued?

Yes, for all donations of $20.00 or more.

How will large donors be recognized?

There will be five levels of recognition plaques on the TCF sign at the entrance of the park.  Please see the Business Sponsorship Program at treetopscommunityforest.com

How can I help with this awesome project?

Please contact the TCF team through our website www.treetopscommunityforest.com or e-mail treetopscommunityforest@gmail.com