Timeline & Phases

Treetops Community Forest Timeline
Late August 2014:
  • Inquired to Near North District School Board about use of property for a trail and naturalized space for use of students at the new Parry Sound Public School.
Fall 2014:
  •  Informed that PSPS did not own the property that is adjacent to the school.
 January 2015:
  • Noticed a ‘for sale’ sign on the Beatty Street property that we had originally inquired about.
  •  Wrote a letter to NNDSB asking the Board to consider purchasing the property and if not, asking if they would support a community purchase and joint use agreement of the property.
February / March 2015:
  • Ongoing communication with NNDSB.
  • Snowshoe tour of the property- multiple deer beds, valleys, mixed forest and varied landscape.
  • Positive communication with Near North District School Board.
  • Communication with owner of property who was supportive of the property remaining naturalized and used by students.
April 2015:
  • Fynn Bywater Outdoor Explorers Fund established with money raised being used to support the purchase of property for community and student use.
May 2015:
  • Attended an All Service Club meeting and was given encouraging comments of support from local service clubs.
  • Sent letter to Mayor and Council of Town of Parry Sound to request that the town hold fundraised money in trust, purchase the property with these funds, issue charitable donation receipts, hold insurance on the property, support a joint use agreement and hold the park in perpetuity.
May 19th:
  • Made a presentation to the Town Council to propose the project in principle.  The proposal in principle was supported unanimously by the Town of Parry Sound!
June 2015:
  • Used an online survey tool and contributions from community members to give the park the name ‘Treetops Community Forest’.
July 2015:
  • Attended a second Town Council meeting to present a detailed park plan, governance model letters of support from local groups.
July / August 2015:
  • Preparations to launch the project on social media- website, crowd funding, and logo.
Fall / Winter 2015 / 2016:
  • Fundraising
Project Phases:
Phase 1:  Completed July 2015
  • Organizational Chart/ Governance Model showing the formal committee- different committees that represent the community and a clear mandate statement outlining the objective of this committee and sub committees.
  • Letters of Commitment from community partners showing long-term maintenance and support (community, local clubs, school teachers, service clubs)
  • A detailed Park Design showing what the park and trail will look like.
  • Formal acceptance and support from the Town of Parry Sound.
Phase 2:  2015-17
  • Launch of fundraising for project
  • Launch of Social Media
  • Launch of traditional Media (radio and newspaper)
Phase 3: 
  • Trail Development
Phase 4:
  • Use and Maintenance of Park